Payment Gateway


It is a service that authorizes customer payments to e-businesses. It is simply the web equivalent of a physical point of sale terminal located at a retail outlet So, web merchants can easily receive payments online from their customers in exchange for goods and services.

1)REVENUE COLLECTION: If you often receive payments from clients located across the state or country, you’ve likely experienced difficulty tracking and monitoring these payments at one time or another. We have a dedicated revenue collection solution to help streamline the payment process and significantly improve your turnaround times.

2)PAYMENT PLATFORM ECOMMERCE Make payments easier with these 3 internet payment options:
1) Web Paydirect: is an easy-to-use online payment gateway that integrates directly into your website.
2) Webpay: integrates directly into your website and enables funds to be paid into your account.
3)Quickteller for Business: Listing your business on Quickteller makes it possible to receive payments on the ATM, WEB and MOBILE.